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classic deadpool

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The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies Official Tapestry


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some quick full-body refs for the Pirate!Free! postcards I did Q uQ;; I hope this helps the cosplayers who wanted to give it a go, ty for all the notes on my postcards, you guys are awesome! :”D <3 I’msobadatfullbodyrefs  Free boys will be the death of me QxQ;;

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i am surrounded by the biggest idiots in the galaxy

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  • Me: I wanna do something
  • Anxiety:
  • Anxiety:
  • Anxiety:
  • Anxiety:
  • Anxiety:
  • Anxiety: No you dont
  • Me: But
  • Anxiety: No
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walking into the wrong class


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I was only a kid when I left Earth, and I had no idea what the universe had in store for me.

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